Haryana State Agricultural Marketing Board

About Plot Property Management System

The Haryana state agricultural marketing board has ventured into the setting up of the "Plot Property Management System" with the primary objective of establishing Committee and allottee, by-passing the traditional file system.

The setting up of the Plot Property Management System would be a boon to the committee and allottee. The allottee would be benefited as they would have a fully automated system of payments. They can make payments in online and offline mode. It will erase all kind of the manual calculation issues.

The HSAMB would be playing a supporting role in this venture by bridging the gap between the Committee and the Allottee. The board would have an access to real time information about the assets,outstanding payments.

Under the visionary leadership and guidance of the Honorable Chief Minister of Haryana, the HSAMB hopes that this venture would prove to be a mile stone in empowering the allottee with a transparent system.

Allottee Benefits

  • Using PPM Allottee's can make online payments easily.
  • No hassle to pay through cash.
  • System generated due date alerts are sent to allottee for installment payments.
  • Review the installment progress.
  • Partial payment option available for the ease of the allottee.
  • Automated calculations as no manual intervention.
  • Can make payments anytime and from anywhere.

Objective to digitize the Plot Property Management System:

It will help the market committee to manage properties in, secure, reliable and cost-effective manner.

Statistical Data at a glance to have introspective look into the system.

Head office can monitor and control the activities of PPM.

Facility for Online/offline payments of the installments.

SMS and Email alerts on every event.